Hunt 3/4 Full!!!

If you are planning to join my A is for Autumn hunt as a designer get your application in as soon as possible!  The hunt is over 3/4 full now, and only a few spots left.  Deadline to apply is this Friday, October 1st, or when the spots are all filled.  Details, rules and application are below and in the blog links section.  Thank you to all who have applied so far!


Update 09.27.10

A to Zari Hunt is over half full now!!!  If you still want to apply get those applications in ASAP!  Link to the application is in the blog roll.

The next hunt, B is for Bonfire, applications will be opening soon!

Update 09.22.10

The A is for Autumn Hunt is 1/3 of the way full!  Still accepting applications until October 1st or until it is full.  If you would like more information on the hunt please read below.  Thank you!

Hunt Sign Sent

I have sent the welcome pack to all hunt vendors.  If you did not receive it, I sent another one in group.  Please be sure to get the sign up in your shops asap and read over the time line.  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.  I will be sending you your hunt objects after the first of October.  And a new version of the hunt sign then as well.  Let me know if you need anything else.  Thank you!

Sponsor Spots Filled for A is for Autumn Hunt

A HUGE thank you to the four designers who have filled the sponsor spots for the A is for Autumn Hunt.  You can find a link to their store on the right column of the blog here.  I will be doing photos of their items as well for the blog and flickr, etc.  Thank you again to:

Alexandra Nichols of  Dahlinks

Hernia Aries of  Olumis Postura

Joelle Bartfeld ofCharisma Designs

Lola Verwood ofPoppaLoThia’s

A is for Autumn Hunt Timeline

The following is the timeline for designers who are participating in the A is for Autumn Hunt.  I will be sending this in world in the group as well.

October 1st:  Last day for applications

October 2nd:  Hunt info signs must be displayed in your store by this date

October 7th:  Hunt objects must be placed directly by your hunt signs by this date.  Please do not put your hunt items in it yet, this is just for me to check the walk through.

October 9th:  2nd walk through to determine signs and objects are up.  Anyone not in compliance will be removed from the hunt.

October 11th:  Hints for the hiding place you plan to use must be turned in to me by this date.  You may send this to me via notecard inworld.

October 14th:  Hunt objects must be hidden.  Final walkthrough will be done this day.  Stores not in compliance will be removed from the hunt.

Misc:  Your hunt objects will be sent as you sign up.  Hunt signs will be sent via group notice.

Clarification on Sponsorship Spots

I just wanted to clarify what all you receive as a sponsor for my hunts.  I may change the cost or the way I do it, I’m not sure yet.  I thought it was an ok thing to do but today was told otherwise, so I want to be sure I don’t turn people away either!  However…I think the following will make it very much worth your while!

  • A starting landmark (spots 1, 25, 50 and 75 will be listed as starting spots)
  • A group title showing you are a hunt sponsor
  • A blog post on this blog (A to Zari Hunts) using your hunt item(s).  For this I will use my models, so please be sure to send me a no copy/transfer version of your hunt item(s) so I can send it on to the model.  The model will be permitted to keep this item and will also be paid 300L for the photoshoot.
  • Your store logo and SLurl to your shop will be listed on my blog.
  • The photo(s) of your item(s) will also be posted in my flickr and included in the hunt information notecard that will be in the hunt sign
  • Any other ideas?  I’m more than happy to consider anything else you would like to have as a benefit.  I want you to feel you are getting your money’s worth?

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