A is for Autumn Hunt

The first hunt I want to organize, I am starting at the beginning of the English alphabet!  Here are the details, please be sure to read them completely if you wish to apply to be in this hunt.  Thank you!

Title:  “A is for Autumn”

Theme:  Autumn/Fall themed items

Application Deadline:  October 1st or 100 approved vendors

Dates of the Hunt:  October 15th to November 7th


  1. Hunt items must follow the theme.
  2. Hunt items MUST be your original creations.  You can of course used purchased (non-copybotted) textures and sculpties to create your items, but the items themselves MUST be yours.
  3. Absolutely no resale, business in a box, freebie or low quality items.  Items must be of the same quality as what you create for sale in your shop.
  4. No adult items, must be PG and Mature rated shops only.
  5. You must create both mens and womens or a unisex item for the hunt.
  6. You must join and remain in the “A to Zari Hunts” group for the duration of the hunt.  You are welcome to put this group on an alt.
  7. The items you create for the hunt must be new and never sold before in your shop.  And may not be sold in your shop until after the hunt is over.  You are welcome to recreate previously made items to match the theme.
  8. Items must be fashion only.  This includes:  Clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, skins, hair, eyes, shapes.
  9. If you move please provide me with a new LM to your shop ASAP.
  10. Direct tp’s only.  No mall locations are allowed unless you can create a landmark that takes you directly to your shop.
  11. Hunt items must be within 30 meters of the landing spot.
  12. Hunt items must NOT be too difficult to find, hidden in other objects or on top of vendors set for sale.
  13. You are not allowed to change the hunt object at all.  This includes: Size, color, texture and price.
  14. You agree to respect and follow all hunt rules and the timeline.  Failure to do so will result in you being replaced.


If you would like to have a starting location (starting landmarks will be provided for stop #’s 1, 25, 50 and 75), you can note in the application that you would like to sponsor the hunt.  The cost to sponsor and receive this spot is $1000L.  They will be given first come first serve depending on who applies first.  Do not pay me until I confirm that you are a sponsor.  For more details on other benefits of being  a sponsor please read here.

If you have any questions at all please contact me:  Zari Genira.  Notecard or IM is fine.  If I do not respond within 24 hours please try again, SL does like to eat notecards and IMs!

So you have read all the above and now you want to apply for the hunt?  Please visit this link to do so:



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