Several Fixes Oct. 17, 2010

Ok went through the hunt line again and updated some fixes on the hint list below including the following spots:

#32 – Back&Writer

#40 – Sugar & Spice

#86 – >MZ< Animations


A is for Autumn Hunt Hints

1    Dahlinks – Autumn brings with it cool winds, light rain and a fountain of leaves

2    *Zari* Mainstore – Check above the doors!

3    SD Wears – Good-bye in several languages

4    Elemental Earth Designs – The Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree

5    DivaLicious – All the other acorns are ENVIOUS of where this one is hiding

6    DeLiGhT DeZiGnS – Search High…Search Low…Look for me by the Scarecrows!

7    Cortes’n’Rossini – I’m on ice!

8    Soken Outlet Inc. – I think I fell in the pool

9    Adored – Learn to move like a graceful ballerina

10    Peer Style – This is often said, of sons who follow in the footsteps of their fathers

11    Bootgasm – A Pair of Bootgasm Boots is Truly a Gift!!!

12    ::JAZUMI:: – There’s nothing better than hot chocolate on an autumn day

13    The Grungey Hole – GUARDED BY PUMPKINS

14    The Secret Store – awww I love these bags!

15    Jeta Designs – Where men and women meet the middle ground is always sweet

16    alaMood Boutique – Information is key…  (new LM: )

17    > Urban Republic Co < – They have a thick shell on the outside, with seeds and pulp on the inside.

18    MEB – not only roses have spikes

19    [BedlaM] – The Pink skull guards the booty

20    Bizarre Hair – one …two…tree !


22    Garded Secret – It doesn’t fall very far..


24    Avion Comestic HQ – Look ahead at the tree and a surprise you will see!!!

25    Charisma Designs – Are Princesses really that bad?

26    Ear Candy – It’s in the bag – well, almost.

27    Grim Death Co – I didnt fall far from the bush (All hints are in the hintgiver in store as we move items regularly)

28    Illicit Designs – Peep A Boo!

29    Miinii Inc – Bunnehs nom on acorns

30    CLOSED

31    octy’s – It would be wise to find that acorn before that chipmunk finally eats it.   (Link for this shop: )

32    Back&Writer – I like plaid shirts, preferably orange

33    Lovely Mi Make-ups – Mime has a secret


35    [TAG] – Check out the fun stuff for your mouth!

36    DeminAtions – I get dizzy by spinning light

37    Sexy swagger – India what a nice place for vacation

38    [Muted] – for evey woman the most important is her weardrobe

39    DKDesigns – Find me in my natural habitat

40    Sugar & Spice – you will find me at the base of a tree, where a squirel has left me

41    Magia – You may want to check the gatcha machine

42    *Zari* High Spirits Modeling – If I stay here long I might get a sunburn!

43    **xXx**TREAM – if I only had a brain

44    Clothes Culture – (touch the hint board outside shop for latest hint)

45    Calamity Hathaway Creations – The acorn is keeping company with diamonds and gems.

46    MysTique Salon – Listen up I need your attention. We are in the business to help models and all fashionistas. If your here to find you’re MysTique then your in for a big treat! Act like a model and strike a pose, do some shopping, watch a show -whatever!

47    kandy couture – oh nuts!! look at the giftcards

48    JKtrends – dont look down

49    Samsara Design Clothes – Second floor behind the closet  (Correct link: )

50    PoppaLoThia’s – toss me a lifevest will ya?

51    *ICED* – Click to subscribe!

52    Still Life – Natural light is warmer. But artificial light is free!

53    aMuse Fashion – It will be BAD KARMA if you cant find me

54    Cavalieri – Maybe you need assistance to find the acorn

55    ELIXIR FASHION – 3 little Jacks all in a row

56    Annabella’s Song – Always do your best, what you plant now, you harvest laster

57    ..:: Adoring Charms ::.. – Is that an acorn on the beach? I thought only Coconuts fell from palm trees.

58    Nefertiti Kimagawa – Maybe all that glittlers is really gold

59    .::BBear & LilThing Creations::. – Be Careful. This Acorn May Get Wet!!

60    Unique Clothing – Atop A shelf…Just ask the rooster

61    Pounce – Shuffling through the brightly colored leaves, What else has fallen outof the night sky? Could that be a fallen star?

62    Fierce Designs – Watch out for drunk witches

63    Taylor Made – Get back to the new products

64    {Demon Cake} – (no hint given, but very easy to find)

65    je suis – its close to the single chair 🙂

66    Fuzion Fashions – You can find me where the Kitty plays….Purrrsss

67    *Zari* 5th Avenue – Hidden in plain sight!

68    Kitty Kit – A is for Autumn, B is for boxers?

69    Bella’s – I know it’s Fall, but I still like going aorund with my shirt off. Look Upstairs.

70    Elemental Earth Designs #2 -You’re not going nuts- it really is that price!

71    <(wonderkids)! – make sure to feed the dog!

72    House of Joi Designs – 2nd Floor Guarded by 8 leggs.

73    OKEY Design – OK.  I KNOW I should not have talked on the mobile phone..  Even  worse, I NOW dropped the A to Zari gift and cant #$%^& reach the thing

74    Soken Outlet Inc. #2 – One two, step in the door. Three four, I eat some more.

75    Olumis Postura – Pose, pose fashion baby, work it, move that thing, crazy

76    Carrasco’s – An acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree  (New LM: )

77    Visual Instinct – Badger, badger, badger, …., ….


79    Brocade Tiger – If you are Lucky, you will smell the warm scent of acorns roasting over an oil lit fire

80    ..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.. – KISS ME BELOW


82    Grumble – Are your feet tired well have a seat , you’re hunting is through

83    AndGod – Keep on rocking

84    <Lash-Ware> – You’d be completely nutty not to sign up for a free subscription.

85    Lil PunkZ Wear – go take a nap in the window

86    >MZ< Animations – One gift among many.

87    Oliviahs – someone kicked me in the corner

88    Abundantia – Famous fictonal curfew

89    Total Style – I wonder what Total is hiding behind her back?

90    *Zari* @ []pole[] – This looks like a nice place to build a nest!  (had to move from Maritima spot, so until spot before me fixed LM please use this SLurl: )

91    House of Joi Designs #2 – Sparkle shines on the Acorn..Ooolala


93    SassaFrazz – Someplace near Kewl but not quite will find the acorn

94    Killer kreation’s – look with in the red line.. her prize; gazing at the water…his prize, and dont for get the free candyland house while the hunt is on only

95    (x.x) Dead Bunneh (x.x) – Don’t tread on me/just stand/raise your arms/and your nut I’ll always be.

A is for Autumn Hunt Sponsor Gifts!

As promised!  I am showing below the gifts that the lovely sponsors have been so kind to donate to my models so I could picture them here.  Thank you again so much for your sponsorship and help with this hunt!

Thank you to:

#1:  Dahlink’s


GIFT:  Mens & Womens Autumn Jackets

Thank you to:


GIFT:  Mens & Womens Autumn Poses


#50:  PoppaLoThia’s

GIFT:  Mens & Womens Shapes



A is for Autumn Hunt Lineup!

Here is the lineup of shops for the A is for Autumn Hunt!  Reminder it begins on the 15th!

1            Dahlinks

2            .::cStar::. Skins

3          SD Wears

4            Elemental Earth Designs

5            DivaLicious

6            DeLiGhT DeZiGnS

7            Cortes’n’Rossini

8          Soken Outlet Inc.

9          Adored

10        Peer Style

11            Bootgasm

12            ::JAZUMI::

13        The Grungey Hole

14        The Secret Store

15        Jeta Designs

16            alaMood Boutique

17        > Urban Republic Co <

18        *Zari* Mainstore

19            [BedlaM]

20        Bizarre Hair

21        Jaded

22        Garded Secret

23            MIMI’S CHOICE

24        Avion Comestic HQ

25            Charisma Designs

26        Ear Candy

27        Grim Death Co

28        Illicit Designs

29        Miinii Inc

30            NuParis Designs

31        octy’s

32            Back&Writer

33        Lovely Mi Make-ups

34            *sweet*B*

35        [TAG]

36            DeminAtions

37        Sexy swagger

38            [Muted]

39            DKDesigns

40        Sugar & Spice

41        Magia

42        *Zari* Fashion Institute

43            **xXx**TREAM

44        Clothes Culture

45            Calamity Hathaway Creations

46            MysTique Salon

47        kandy couture

48            JKtrends

49            Samsara Design Clothes

50            PoppaLoThia’s

51            *ICED*

52        Still Life

53        aMuse Fashion

54            Cavalieri

55            ELIXIR FASHION

56            Annabella’s Song

57        ..:: Adoring Charms ::..

58            Nefertiti Kimagawa

59            .::BBear & LilThing Creations::.

60        Unique Clothing

61        Pounce

62        Fierce Designs

63        Taylor Made

64            {Demon Cake}

65        je suis

66        Fuzion Fashions

67        *Zari* 5th Avenue

68        Kitty Kit

69        Bella’s

70            Elemental Earth Designs #2

71            <(wonderkids)!

72        House of Joi Designs

73        OKEY Design

74        Soken Outlet Inc. #2

75        Olumis Postura

76            Carrasco’s

77        Visual Instinct

78        Just 4 Kid Kreations

79            Brocade Tiger

80            ..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::..

81            CookieCutter

82            Grumble

83            AndGod

84        <Lash-Ware>

85        Lil PunkZ Wear

86        >MZ< Animations

87        Oliviahs

88            Abundantia

89        Total Style

90        *Zari* Maritima

91        House of Joi Designs #2

92            METAVERSE ISLAND

93            SassaFrazz

94        Killer kreation’s







B is for Bonfire Hunt

Applications are finally open for the “B is for Bonfire” Hunt!  This hunt theme is very unique and celebrates a little known holiday for the rest of us around the world, that is in Great Britain.  You may choose between two options for the theme of this hunt.  Please read on below for more details

Title:  ”B is for Bonfire”

Theme:  Bonfire in Great Britain refers to a holiday celebrated on November 5th.  This holiday is to celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes plan to destroy Parliament in London.  Even though this hunt starts after the holiday itself, I wanted to use this unique hunt theme to help celebrate that.  That night in Great Britain, many fireworks are set off and bonfires lit.  So keep this in mind as you create.  For those of us who do not reside in Great Britain, you have another theme option:  Bonfires in general are used for gatherings, warmth, roasting food, etc.  If you do not wish to use the first theme, you are welcome to use a theme that relates to bonfires and their uses.  So think keeping warm, big gatherings, etc.  This topic is really quite wide open.  Just have fun with it!

Items:  Items allowed will be a bit more open this time, fashion items, poses, home decor, all are welcome as long as they fit the theme.

Application Deadline:  November 1st or 100 approved vendors

Dates of the Hunt:  November 15th to December 7th


  1. Hunt items must follow the theme.
  2. Hunt items MUST be your original creations.  You can of course used purchased (non-copybotted) textures and sculpties to create your items, but the items themselves MUST be yours.
  3. Absolutely no resale, business in a box, freebie or low quality items.  Items must be of the same quality as what you create for sale in your shop.
  4. No adult items, must be PG and Mature rated shops only.
  5. Please create both mens and womens or a unisex item for the hunt.
  6. You must join and remain in the “A to Zari Hunts” group for the duration of the hunt.  You are welcome to put this group on an alt.
  7. The items you create for the hunt must be new and never sold before in your shop.  And may not be sold in your shop until after the hunt is over.  You are welcome to recreate previously made items to match the theme.
  8. Items will be a bit more open this time, fashion items, poses, home decor, all are welcome as long as they fit the theme.
  9. If you move please provide me with a new LM to your shop ASAP.
  10. Direct tp’s only.  No mall locations are allowed unless you can create a landmark that takes you directly to your shop.
  11. Hunt items must be within 30 meters of the landing spot.
  12. Hunt items must NOT be too difficult to find, hidden in other objects or on top of vendors set for sale.
  13. You are not allowed to change the hunt object at all.  This includes: Size, color, texture and price.
  14. You agree to respect and follow all hunt rules and the timeline.  Failure to do so will result in you being replaced.

If you have any questions at all please contact me:  Zari Genira.  Notecard or IM is fine.  If I do not respond within 24 hours please try again, SL does like to eat notecards and IMs!

So you have read all the above and now you want to apply for the hunt?  Please visit this link to do so:

A is for Autumn Hunt Update

As I work out your placement in the hunt over the next few days and send you your hunt objects, please be aware of how I assign the spots:
Sponsors get the four starting spots:  #’s 1, 25, 50 and 75.
After that I fill in according to order of applications received.  I fill in spots 2, 26, 51 and 76 first, then so on.  This way everyone gets a fair spot from a starting point.  And the good thing is, no one will be farther than 24th from a starting point.  Hope this works ok for everyone!
Also, A is for Autumn hunt is 3/4 of the way full.  If know any other designers that want to get their application in please have them do so before October 1st.  Details are below.  Thank you!
And finally, the B is for Bonfire Hunt applications will open tomorrow, I will post a blog with full details on the theme.  This one should be fun too!!