A is for Autumn Hunt Hints

1    Dahlinks – Autumn brings with it cool winds, light rain and a fountain of leaves

2    *Zari* Mainstore – Check above the doors!

3    SD Wears – Good-bye in several languages

4    Elemental Earth Designs – The Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree

5    DivaLicious – All the other acorns are ENVIOUS of where this one is hiding

6    DeLiGhT DeZiGnS – Search High…Search Low…Look for me by the Scarecrows!

7    Cortes’n’Rossini – I’m on ice!

8    Soken Outlet Inc. – I think I fell in the pool

9    Adored – Learn to move like a graceful ballerina

10    Peer Style – This is often said, of sons who follow in the footsteps of their fathers

11    Bootgasm – A Pair of Bootgasm Boots is Truly a Gift!!!

12    ::JAZUMI:: – There’s nothing better than hot chocolate on an autumn day

13    The Grungey Hole – GUARDED BY PUMPKINS

14    The Secret Store – awww I love these bags!

15    Jeta Designs – Where men and women meet the middle ground is always sweet

16    alaMood Boutique – Information is key…  (new LM:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Copley%20Square/77/128/24 )

17    > Urban Republic Co < – They have a thick shell on the outside, with seeds and pulp on the inside.

18    MEB – not only roses have spikes

19    [BedlaM] – The Pink skull guards the booty

20    Bizarre Hair – one …two…tree !


22    Garded Secret – It doesn’t fall very far..


24    Avion Comestic HQ – Look ahead at the tree and a surprise you will see!!!

25    Charisma Designs – Are Princesses really that bad?

26    Ear Candy – It’s in the bag – well, almost.

27    Grim Death Co – I didnt fall far from the bush (All hints are in the hintgiver in store as we move items regularly)

28    Illicit Designs – Peep A Boo!

29    Miinii Inc – Bunnehs nom on acorns

30    CLOSED

31    octy’s – It would be wise to find that acorn before that chipmunk finally eats it.   (Link for this shop:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Atria/158/191/26 )

32    Back&Writer – I like plaid shirts, preferably orange

33    Lovely Mi Make-ups – Mime has a secret


35    [TAG] – Check out the fun stuff for your mouth!

36    DeminAtions – I get dizzy by spinning light

37    Sexy swagger – India what a nice place for vacation

38    [Muted] – for evey woman the most important is her weardrobe

39    DKDesigns – Find me in my natural habitat

40    Sugar & Spice – you will find me at the base of a tree, where a squirel has left me

41    Magia – You may want to check the gatcha machine

42    *Zari* High Spirits Modeling – If I stay here long I might get a sunburn!

43    **xXx**TREAM – if I only had a brain

44    Clothes Culture – (touch the hint board outside shop for latest hint)

45    Calamity Hathaway Creations – The acorn is keeping company with diamonds and gems.

46    MysTique Salon – Listen up I need your attention. We are in the business to help models and all fashionistas. If your here to find you’re MysTique then your in for a big treat! Act like a model and strike a pose, do some shopping, watch a show -whatever!

47    kandy couture – oh nuts!! look at the giftcards

48    JKtrends – dont look down

49    Samsara Design Clothes – Second floor behind the closet  (Correct link:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Samsara%20Carpe%20Diem/190/205/46 )

50    PoppaLoThia’s – toss me a lifevest will ya?

51    *ICED* – Click to subscribe!

52    Still Life – Natural light is warmer. But artificial light is free!

53    aMuse Fashion – It will be BAD KARMA if you cant find me

54    Cavalieri – Maybe you need assistance to find the acorn

55    ELIXIR FASHION – 3 little Jacks all in a row

56    Annabella’s Song – Always do your best, what you plant now, you harvest laster

57    ..:: Adoring Charms ::.. – Is that an acorn on the beach? I thought only Coconuts fell from palm trees.

58    Nefertiti Kimagawa – Maybe all that glittlers is really gold

59    .::BBear & LilThing Creations::. – Be Careful. This Acorn May Get Wet!!

60    Unique Clothing – Atop A shelf…Just ask the rooster

61    Pounce – Shuffling through the brightly colored leaves, What else has fallen outof the night sky? Could that be a fallen star?

62    Fierce Designs – Watch out for drunk witches

63    Taylor Made – Get back to the new products

64    {Demon Cake} – (no hint given, but very easy to find)

65    je suis – its close to the single chair 🙂

66    Fuzion Fashions – You can find me where the Kitty plays….Purrrsss

67    *Zari* 5th Avenue – Hidden in plain sight!

68    Kitty Kit – A is for Autumn, B is for boxers?

69    Bella’s – I know it’s Fall, but I still like going aorund with my shirt off. Look Upstairs.

70    Elemental Earth Designs #2 -You’re not going nuts- it really is that price!

71    <(wonderkids)! – make sure to feed the dog!

72    House of Joi Designs – 2nd Floor Guarded by 8 leggs.

73    OKEY Design – OK.  I KNOW I should not have talked on the mobile phone..  Even  worse, I NOW dropped the A to Zari gift and cant #$%^& reach the thing

74    Soken Outlet Inc. #2 – One two, step in the door. Three four, I eat some more.

75    Olumis Postura – Pose, pose fashion baby, work it, move that thing, crazy

76    Carrasco’s – An acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree  (New LM:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vellas%20OS6/126/188/22 )

77    Visual Instinct – Badger, badger, badger, …., ….


79    Brocade Tiger – If you are Lucky, you will smell the warm scent of acorns roasting over an oil lit fire

80    ..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.. – KISS ME BELOW


82    Grumble – Are your feet tired well have a seat , you’re hunting is through

83    AndGod – Keep on rocking

84    <Lash-Ware> – You’d be completely nutty not to sign up for a free subscription.

85    Lil PunkZ Wear – go take a nap in the window

86    >MZ< Animations – One gift among many.

87    Oliviahs – someone kicked me in the corner

88    Abundantia – Famous fictonal curfew

89    Total Style – I wonder what Total is hiding behind her back?

90    *Zari* @ []pole[] – This looks like a nice place to build a nest!  (had to move from Maritima spot, so until spot before me fixed LM please use this SLurl:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Despair/60/72/21 )

91    House of Joi Designs #2 – Sparkle shines on the Acorn..Ooolala


93    SassaFrazz – Someplace near Kewl but not quite pink..you will find the acorn

94    Killer kreation’s – look with in the red line.. her prize; gazing at the water…his prize, and dont for get the free candyland house while the hunt is on only

95    (x.x) Dead Bunneh (x.x) – Don’t tread on me/just stand/raise your arms/and your nut I’ll always be.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kaera Whiteberry
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 17:01:29

    Hello Zari,

    Slurl for Samsara Design in the gift no. 48 (JKTrends) is not working.
    Can I have next slurl please? Thanks.


  2. zaribyzari
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 06:46:07

    Yes I sure can! Sorry took so long to get that fixed, was offline the last couple of days.


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