C is for Carnival Hints

Hunt begins tomorrow!  September 1st through 30th!  Here are the hints and SLurls for each store below:

#001 – Avante Poses

  • Aww. Even the beggar will smile at a Carnival.
#002 – Graffitiwear
  • Sometimes I flicker, sometimes I smoke, but I’m hotter than Hades and that’s not a joke.
  • Time to rest from a long day of hunting.
  • The big top is tiny on the center stage.
  • I travel a lot so don’t get excited. Click the hint giver and be delighted.
  • Not your ordinary Queen.
  • Most people never vaccuum under me!
  • Mmmmm Java!
  • The sights and sounds of New Years feel like a carnival, don’t they?
#011 – REMOVED for misconduct
  • SecondLife is an EVERYDAY circus XD
  • Sometimes you have to be a little Mad to appreciate a good Carnival.
  • “The Rubber Room”
  • Ahhhh…the sun feels great!
  • Play me ¡
  • I see a nipple
  • Try your hand at the carnival games.
  • Ahhhhh what a perfect day for a carnival, when your there don’t forget to put lots of butter on your…..
  • i am actually resting on cushions in a main room as if I was in a beach
#022 – Sugar & Spice   (NEW LANDMARK)
  • I like riding the ripples.
  • All carnies like crack!
  • Come and take a ride on meh and together we will go merrily around
  • “I am ready to take off”
  • “Just A Touch” can mean so much.
  • “Where the good spirits are”
  • View to the sea
  • Store had to move unexpectedly so item is at #5:  Paris Metro Couture.  Endra’s object is tinted blue so that you know which one is hers.
  • A ring around the rosy, a pot full of posies, you’ll have to look down.

C is for Carnival Hunt Sponsors

A huge thank you to the sponsors below that are for this C is for Carnival Hunt!  Please be sure to view their great items below!

#1:  Avante Poses

C is for Carnival Avante Poses

C is for Carnival Avante Poses (Couple)

#5:  Paris Metro

C is for Carnival Paris Metro

#10:  DeCuir Creations

C is for Carnival DeCuir Creations

#16:  Sol Rebelde

C is for Carnival Sol Rebelde

C is for Carnival Hunt Lineup

Everything is coming along quite nicely for the C is for Carnival Hunt starting on September 1st!  A huge thank you to all the designers and my assistant, Kiki Daniels, for helping to make this possible.  Below is the list of designers who are signed up for the hunt.  I think we have some great ones!

Avante Poses
Pipper’s Place
Paris Metro
The Happy Hat
Galthie’s Designs
PEER Jewelry
DeCuir Creations
Sleek Style
SHUP BISH Gestures
Sol Rebelde
Elemental Earth Designs
Lovely Mi Makeups
Serenity Designs
AtiXx Design
Sugar & Spice
PEER Style
Ahmused Xpresnz
PNP: Props N Poses
Aphrodite Megastore
Couture Chapeau

Artistry by ~E~

Dulce Secrets

C is for Carnival Hunt Timeline

The following is the timeline for designers who are participating in the C is for Carnival Hunt.  I will be sending this in world in the group as well.

August 25th:  Last day for applications

August 26th:  Hunt info signs must be displayed in your store by this date

August 28th:  Hunt objects must be placed directly by your hunt signs by this date.  Please do not put your hunt items in it yet, this is just for me to check the walk through.

August 29th:  Walk through to determine signs and objects are up.  Anyone not in compliance will be removed from the hunt.

August 30th:  Hints for the hiding place you plan to use must be turned in to me by this date.  You may send this to me via notecard inworld.

August 31st:  Hunt objects must be hidden.  Final walkthrough will be done this day.  Stores not in compliance will be removed from the hunt.

Misc:  Your hunt objects will probably be sent as you sign up.  Hunt signs will be sent via group notice.

C is for Carnival Hunt

Hunters please mark the above blog address if you want to keep up with my hunts. And if you want to be able to chat with other hunters you can join my in world group: A to Zari Hunts. For all updates keep up with this blog.

Organizer: Zari Genira
Contact: Kiki Daniels

Title: ”C is for Carnival”

Theme: Items themed for carnivals, gypsies and the circus. Anything that fits in these areas are welcome.

Items: These will be split between different types. So that we have a better variety. It will be split up as follows:
-No more than 10 jewelry items
-No more than 15 furniture/decor/building items
-No more than 10 womens clothing
-No more than 10 mens clothing
-No more than 5 tattoos/makeup layers
-No more than 5 poses/animations/gestures
-No more than 5 shoes/boots
-No more than 10 other accessories
These items of course can flex a bit depending on how many apply and if I decide to make the hunt limit more than 50.

Application Deadline: August 25th or 50 approved vendors

Dates of the Hunt: September 1st to 30th


  • Hunt items must follow the theme.
  • Hunt items MUST be your original creations.  You can of course used purchased (non-copybotted) textures and sculpties to create your items, but the items themselves MUST be yours and created by you.
  • Absolutely no resale, business in a box, freebie or low quality items.  Items must be of the same quality as what you create for sale in your shop.
  • No adult items, must be PG and Mature rated shops only.
  • Please create both mens and womens or a unisex item for the hunt.
  • You must join and remain in the “A to Zari Hunts” group for the duration of the hunt.  You are welcome to put this group on an alt.
  • The items you create for the hunt must be new and never sold before in your shop.  And may not be sold in your shop until after the hunt is over.  You are welcome to recreate your previously made items to match the theme.
  • Items will be a bit more open this time, fashion items, poses, home decor, all are welcome as long as they fit the theme.
  • If you move please provide me with a new LM to your shop ASAP.
  • Direct tp’s only.  No mall locations are allowed unless you can create a landmark that takes you directly to your shop or are allowed to lay down hunt tracks.
  • Hunt items must be within 30 meters of the landing spot.  This will be checked.
  • Hunt items must NOT be too difficult to find, hidden in other objects or on top of vendors set for sale.
  • You are not allowed to change the hunt object at all.  This includes: Size, color, texture, price and title.
  • You agree to respect and follow all hunt rules and the timeline.  Failure to do so will result in you being replaced.

If you have any questions at all please contact my asssitant: Kiki Daniels. Notecard or IM is fine. If she do not respond within 24 hours please try again, SL does like to eat notecards and IMs!

So you have read all the above and now you want to apply for the hunt? Please visit this link to do so:


A to Zari Hunts Coming Back!

Life has been nuts for me and I’ve been unable to run hunts for a few months.  I’m very excited to be able to get them going again.  You can read more about what has been going on with my shop here:  http://zaribyzari.wordpress.com/2011/08/06/oh-where-oh-where-did-zari-go/.

Please watch for the next post regarding the next upcoming hunt for September:  C is for Carnival