C is for Carnival Hints

Hunt begins tomorrow!  September 1st through 30th!  Here are the hints and SLurls for each store below:

#001 – Avante Poses

  • Aww. Even the beggar will smile at a Carnival.
#002 – Graffitiwear
  • Sometimes I flicker, sometimes I smoke, but I’m hotter than Hades and that’s not a joke.
  • Time to rest from a long day of hunting.
  • The big top is tiny on the center stage.
  • I travel a lot so don’t get excited. Click the hint giver and be delighted.
  • Not your ordinary Queen.
  • Most people never vaccuum under me!
  • Mmmmm Java!
  • The sights and sounds of New Years feel like a carnival, don’t they?
#011 – REMOVED for misconduct
  • SecondLife is an EVERYDAY circus XD
  • Sometimes you have to be a little Mad to appreciate a good Carnival.
  • “The Rubber Room”
  • Ahhhh…the sun feels great!
  • Play me ¡
  • I see a nipple
  • Try your hand at the carnival games.
  • Ahhhhh what a perfect day for a carnival, when your there don’t forget to put lots of butter on your…..
  • i am actually resting on cushions in a main room as if I was in a beach
#022 – Sugar & Spice   (NEW LANDMARK)
  • I like riding the ripples.
  • All carnies like crack!
  • Come and take a ride on meh and together we will go merrily around
  • “I am ready to take off”
  • “Just A Touch” can mean so much.
  • “Where the good spirits are”
  • View to the sea
  • Store had to move unexpectedly so item is at #5:  Paris Metro Couture.  Endra’s object is tinted blue so that you know which one is hers.
  • A ring around the rosy, a pot full of posies, you’ll have to look down.

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