Zari having internet issues

Just an update to let you all know that Zari has had some internet issues and should have everything settled and be back on today to get all the hunt hints up on the blog.  Please forgive her in the mean time!

*Kiki Daniels*



If anyone has  any trouble or is rude in group please inform myself or Zari asap and they will be removed.  Thank you for your time and have a great hunt!

C is for Carnival Hunt Lineup

Everything is coming along quite nicely for the C is for Carnival Hunt starting on September 1st!  A huge thank you to all the designers and my assistant, Kiki Daniels, for helping to make this possible.  Below is the list of designers who are signed up for the hunt.  I think we have some great ones!

Avante Poses
Pipper’s Place
Paris Metro
The Happy Hat
Galthie’s Designs
PEER Jewelry
DeCuir Creations
Sleek Style
SHUP BISH Gestures
Sol Rebelde
Elemental Earth Designs
Lovely Mi Makeups
Serenity Designs
AtiXx Design
Sugar & Spice
PEER Style
Ahmused Xpresnz
PNP: Props N Poses
Aphrodite Megastore
Couture Chapeau

Artistry by ~E~

Dulce Secrets

A to Zari Hunts Coming Back!

Life has been nuts for me and I’ve been unable to run hunts for a few months.  I’m very excited to be able to get them going again.  You can read more about what has been going on with my shop here:

Please watch for the next post regarding the next upcoming hunt for September:  C is for Carnival

50L Sunday Sale @ *Zari*


50L Sunday Sale at my Mainstore location for *Zari*!!!  This will only last today so hurry hurry!!  EVERYTHING in my shop is only 50L…that includes all mens and womens jewelry, including wedding pieces, all shapes & womens tees as well.  ONLY 50L!!!!!  Limo attached!


Temporary Hiatus

I am just now getting on here to post this message for any hunters that may read it…I am without a computer that will run Second Life until December 1st…if I’m lucky I might get on sooner.  I am so very sorry as I wasn’t able to get things finished up with the hunt before this happened…and I feel terrible!!  I wanted to at least leave a message here so that hopefully some would see it and be able to relay the message.  Please forgive me and I hope to be back online next week!


B is for Bonfire Sponsors

A HUGE thank you to the following sponsors who are involved with my B is for Bonfire hunt.  Below you can view a photo of their items they will include in the hunt.  Don’t forget it begins on the 15th.  Enjoy!

(x.x) Dead Bunneh (x.x)


Absent Designs


Jeta Designs


Pacific Sunrise

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